2017 ADO National Youth Championship Update

Updated: March 22, 2017

With the restructuring of the ADO National Youth Championship, we are pleased to make the following announcement regarding the ADO Memorial Youth Scholarship Fund awards.

Every year, scholarship awards are made available from the ADO Memorial Youth Scholarship Fund.  This fund is not governed by the ADO itself, but is a separate body founded for the sole purpose of providing scholarship awards to eligible youths at the ADO National Youth Championship.  Previously, awards have been given to the Top 8 finishers in the National Championship (single bracket).  Now, with separate brackets for boys and girls, it has been decided that:

The Top 4 finishers in each bracket will be eligible for the following awards:

1st – $1500
2nd – $1000
3/4 – $750

This represents an increase of $2000 in available awards (against the existing structure), with the stipulation that there must be a minimum of twelve entries in a bracket.  If there are fewer than twelve entries in a bracket, only the Top 2 finishers will be eligible for scholarship awards.  All other regulations and conditions remain unaltered.

With the separation of the boys and girls, there is so much more reward for everyone, with two trips to the World Masters now up for grabs, and a potential increase in scholarship awards!

Don’t forget, we are still taking entries for the 2017 ADO National Youth Championship.  Players can enter either via a local or Regional playoff, or by direct individual entry.  Cost is $600 per player, and the entry form with full details is available here.  Closing date for entries is Friday, June 30.

We look forward to seeing you all in Stamford!

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