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Updated: January 1, 2016
Happy New Year to the ADO community. Exciting news to start the year 2016. President, David Hascup and Communication Officer, Steve Brown have been diligently working on an ADO Youth website which is ready to launch. It will have the calendar of upcoming WDF youth events, results from the events, past National winners, scholarship information and a whole lot more. Please check it out and have a great year of darting.
More exciting news for our ADO Youth players. This year for the first time, we will be qualifying a boy and girl for the Americas Cup team. The Americas Cup will be held in Barbados, sometime in July. Date to be confirmed by the end of January. The qualifier will be held at the Charlotte Open on Sunday, 4-10-16 at 10:30am. There will be a separate boys and girls qualifier, you can’t turn 18 before the end of July.  More details to follow.
Steve Gagnon
ADO National Youth Manager

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